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Gibsons Puzzle 4 x 500 "The Florist's Round"

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Gibson's Puzzle 4 x 500 "The Florist's Round"

With four 500-piece puzzles in a box, you'll be taken on a journey with Daisy Rose, the village florist. First she has to load her van for the day ahead before making deliveries to her local customers. At the end of the day, she needs to put together a beautiful floral arrangement for Zadie's 21st birthday party!

This beautiful 4 x 500 piece jigsaw puzzle set was lovingly painted by Trevor Mitchell. This particular image was inspired by his visit to Grassington in North Yorkshire in October 2019.

4 x 500 piece

Dimensions of each puzzle: 34 x 48 cm

100% recyclable

high quality

Art. No. G5812H