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Gibsons Puzzle 1000 Forest Animals "Woodland Glade"

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Gibson's Puzzle 1000 "Woodland Glade"

Immerse yourself in an enchanting forest world with this 1000-piece puzzle. Be mesmerized by the tranquil beauty of a forest clearing teeming with a variety of wildlife. Admire the grace of deer grazing while geese and ducks frolic in the stream. Catch a glimpse of the cute hedgehogs scurrying around and imagine the sweet melodies of the birds as they flutter from tree to tree. Experience the magic of this idyllic environment piece by piece and enjoy the natural wonder that surrounds us all.

Painted by the talented Greg Giordano, this puzzle is perfect for animal lovers and jigsaw puzzle fans alike.

1000 parts

Complete puzzle dimensions: 68 x 49 cm

Provided with a printout of the puzzle picture.

Art. No. G6965H