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Individual, playful and loving: the most beautiful birth gifts

Has there been a baby in your family or circle of friends? Wonderful! The birth of a baby is the perfect occasion to revel in all the tiny little, cutely designed things that define the newborn period. If you're nostalgic Gifts to the birth love you as much as we do, you've come to the right place at Good Heinrich. Whether for boys or girls - you will find the ideal gift here!

Perhaps you are still unsure what you can do to make the newborn and the new parents happy that is just a little different than other birth gifts? Our range includes unique, practical and decorative baby items that impress with their nostalgic charm and are guaranteed to stand out. Maybe it should be something to play with, or a nice addition to the children's room decor? It is of course up to you whether you tend towards a practical or decorative object - in any case, you will definitely be remembered with your gift!

Special Birth Gifts for Beatrix Potter, Belle Boo & Flower Fairies

Be inspired by our enchanting selection: How about a sweet one Beatrice Potter Bunting that bears baby's name and makes children's eyes shine with motifs of Peter Rabbit? The sweet mugs and plates by Emma Bridgewater that are available from us, which come beautifully packaged in a practical case, are also very popular with everyone. Crown your gift set for the birth of the new earthling with a personally written congratulation. The cute baby greeting cards from the lovely "Dear Miss Liesel" collection, for example, are ideal for this.

And so that older siblings don't get jealous, include a little gift with the birth present for them too. Browse through our range and find just the right thing for the whole family that you want to give as a gift! Ours are popular with both children and adults Gibson's jigsaw puzzles or ours Flower Fairies and Belle Boo items – nostalgic fun for young and old!