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Les Secrets Laduree

Les Secrets Laduree pour Marks... enchanting accessories

the French luxury confectionery

Get with the Les Secrets laduree Accessories from Marks bring a piece of the Parisian attitude to life directly to your home or give them away to lovers of the traditional French noble pastry shop - and to everyone who wants to become one.

You can find fancy little things that make your heart happy online at good Heinrich. Our enchanting range is created with love and a sense of nostalgic aesthetics. So it goes without saying that the delightful accessories from the luxury confectionery Laduree, which have long enjoyed cult status far beyond France, should not be missing. Surround yourself with the charming stationery, pendants and accessories from Les Secrets Laduree and just look at them and dream yourself away to the city of love, art and fashion...

Beautiful things from Les Secrets Laduree – order online from good Heinrich

Let yourself be carried away into the fabulous world of Les Secrets Laduree and discover smartphone cases, charms, pens and pencil cases that know how to impress with their unique design. The main motif is of course the fine and colorful macarons, with which the noble confectionery delights discerning sweet tooths worldwide.

With just a few clicks you can order little things that make everyday life more colourful. It makes absolutely no difference whether you want to give yourself or someone special: accessories from Les Secrets Laduree inspire big and small lovers of the French cult confectionery.

Give away pure joie de vivre with the good Heinrich Pariser - to yourself or to your loved ones!

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